Have you ever moved to a new community?

Helping people relocate, as a realtor, I realize that there are many differences between Florida and northern states. We, at Cornerstone Center Inc., bring residents together with open discussions, questions and answers and share the beauty of Flagler County. In addition to our regular presentation, we invite specialists to teach about things like Hurricane Preparedness, How to Care For Pets During Fireworks, Protecting your Home While On Vacation to name a few. We call this our Sunshine & Sandals Social.

I have relocated several times in my life, and know the information that is important to those who relocate. This is why the Sunshine & Sandals New Resident Orientation happens every month at our facility.

Need To Find Honest & Reliable Businesses?

As a perpetual business owner, I know how important it is to maintain business with integrity, honesty and reliability.

Local businesses make the free informational events at Cornerstone Center Inc. possible. We work with local businesses to assist them in multiple ways while they support you, our community, by using our services.

As a business owner since I was 19 yrs old (34 years) I have gained a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge and wisdom to help local businesses. My goal is to provide cost effective tools for local businesses that help their bottom line, keeping pricing reasonable for our residents.

Why Do You Do This?

In 2021 my fiance passed away of a sudden heart attack at the young age of 48.  This made me realize the only thing we leave behind is how we positively influenced other peoples lives.  I changed direction, step by step, from full time realtor to running Cornerstone Center Inc.  My heart and soul are so happy, I get to share my knowledge and experience with residents and business owners alike.   I love business and every aspect of it… I love a challenge and truly enjoy seeing success.  My overall mission is to positively influence my community by walking with people, business owners, and employees as they grow.  To nurture our community and bring forth goodness and joy.  


Along with Business Development, We also host Foodies of Flagler – The Original Meet, Eat and Critique group on facebook.  Which is a great way for everyone to get a chance to go out to dinner with a large group and enjoy new restaurants and one anothers company.  All are welcome at our Foodies events.  The more the merrier!

Meet Our Team