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At some point in our life, we have all used a storage unit for various purposes. I personally had to use a storage unit because I didn’t have enough space for everything in my apartment. I packed everything into a small climate controlled storage unit. There are many reasons people use storage. Many small business owners will store supplies in a storage unit because it is readily accessible and separated from their belongings. Bands store equipment for the same reason. 


When you find that you are hoarding a million things you don’t want to get rid of, you may want to consider storing your extra things in a storage unit.You don’t want to end up on an episode of Hoarders.  What can you expect from renting a storage unit?


Let’s take a closer look at Alamo Storage Center in Bunnell and Palm Coast. Alamo Business Center & Storage provides Climate Controlled units which are available to store your items which need to be humidity controlled. Everything from electronic to music gear should be stored in a climate controlled environment. Even antique furniture which is susceptible to humidity should be stored in a climate controlled storage unit to keep the older wood from warping. 


Drive up Self Storage Units make it easy to get your things in and out. With outside access, you can drive up anytime and access your unit. This is great for people who work flea markets. They can have all their flea market items in one place, drive up to their unit anytime, and prepare for their next flea market venue. 


At Alamo Storage, get 24 hour access. There is a security gate and camera. You’ll feel safe and secure with Alamo security protecting your belongings. With an onsite manager available for your needs, you can handle any issue you may be having in minutes. There is plenty of parking and even space to house Recreational vehicles. 


Convenient and price competitive, Alamo Storage has everything you are looking for in a storage unit. Whether you need a climate controlled 5X5 or a 5×10 drive up unit, Alamo is your go to for everything storage. 


Alamo handles large storage with their 400 square foot units. These units can store all of your furniture and anything else you can think of. 


Need boat or RV storage. Alamo Storage has you covered. Whether you want an open space or a carport, Alamo has what you are looking for. Store your boat or RV whenever you are not using them. 


At Alamo Storage, you can store your valuables and not worry. With top security and gate code access, you can be sure your belongings are safe and secure. With a professional and helpful staff, all your questions will be answered. 


Alamo Storage in the Flagler County, Florida area is everything you need to store just about anything you need to store. Making the customer happy is Alamo Storage’s business. 


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Phone Number:(386) 445-2620
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