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Dexter’s Dog Snacks Is a small company producing home-made nutritious and all-natural dog treats and snacks. Thier motto is “When your dog deserves the very best”. With so many pet sites offering online ordering, Dexter’s stand out from the rest. Simple wholesome ingredients with no preservatives are the key.

Robyn Grobe is the owner of Dexter’s Dog Snacks. She puts her heart and soul into making healthy and delicious snacks for dogs. Dexter is her companion and inspiration. Dexter always gives a nod on a new treat. Robyn spends much of the day creating her dog snacks.

Robyn’s creations range from decorated treats, birthday treats, and baked dog bones.

Dexter's Dog treats

Dexter’s Dog Snacks

Dexter’s Dog Snacks use only natural ingredients to create their special dog bones. They don’t use preservatives of any kind. Your dog will love Dexter’s natural treats handmade with love.

Robyn enjoys creating special items for her customers. From large dog birthday bones to sprinkled colorful treats, your dog will come back looking for more. From colorful sprinkled cookies to delicious cupcakes, Dexter’s Dog Snacks creations will not only make you dog’s mouth water, but your too.

Specialty dog treats

Specialty dog treats

Treat your dog to all-natural no preservative delicious treats they’ll come back begging for more. Dexter’s Dog Snacks is your source for the best dog treats.

For more information on Dexter’s Dog Snacks: robyn.grobe | Cornerstone Center Inc. (

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