Kim Sunshine

Kim Sunshine

Chief Operations Officer

Kim Sunshine


About Kim

Kim is a mother of 3 grown children.  While her children were young, Kim ran a business where all employees were mothers or fathers who worked from home, to raise and support their young children.  Kim feels that God is first, then family and after family is business.

Kim’s biggest passion in life, after her children and God, is seeing people working for themselves and succeeding. She has a passion for business and enjoys watching people succeed.  Kim Sunshine has owned businesses or worked for herself at 100% commission since she was 19 years old. Being a business owner is in every fiber of her being.

Kim, a pillar of our community, is a problem solver with out of the box solutions.


Kim has a broad spectrum of skills to help in every aspect of business.

  • Hiring Staff
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Motivation
  • Branding


Phone : 386-627-6363
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