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Yoga became popular in the United States beginning in the 1960’s. The 1960’s was an experimental time period where people, especially the youth, were open to other cultures and practices. This sub-culture openly embraced yoga along with the spirituality stemming from other cultures.

Christians became interested in various ways to get the flock back to the church of Christ.

2 Timothy 4:2

Preach each the word; be prepared in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and encourage with every form of patient instruction.

Preaching the word through Christian yoga is not only an acceptable practice, but an encouraged practice. When integrated into a Christian perspective, yoga is no longer affiliated with any Eastern religions. It is purely Christian.

Yoga is one of those disciplines that is feeling the traction when it comes to creating a new concept in yoga-Christian yoga. Yoga is associated with spiritual practices emanating from another religious source. The fact of the matter is that Christian yoga uses the physical techniques of yoga but uses only Christian concepts and spirituality. It is not a borrowed spiritual path from the east nor is it incorporating any other path into it. It is solely Christian utilizing physical stretching and breathing techniques from yoga.

Now that we have cleared up what Christian yoga isn’t, what exactly is Christian yoga? Christian yoga takes the physical breathing, stretching and utilizes Christian prayer and a Christian connection. This makes Christian yoga completely Christian in nature.

Why not call Christian yoga Christian exercise? That is a good question, but the fact remains today that Christian yoga will always be called Christian yoga. It is up to Christians to realize that Christian yoga is 100 percent Christian.

Why Christian yoga? Christian yoga is not only good for the body, but good for the soul. It unites people in the concept of Christ. Stretching together, praying together and enjoying the unity Christian yoga offers, is an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Lamb & Dove Studio is a Christian yoga studio located in Flagler County, Florida. They offer several classes a week. Stretch and Surrender will get you started with Christian yoga while Gentle Flow will take your discipline to the next level.

The Stretch and Surrender class is a wonderful and soothing body stretch. Soft music and low lighting work to relax the mind, body, and soul. Stretching the muscles of your body not only keeps you limber, but in shape and toned. This session is 100 percent calm stretch and soul soothing.

Stretch and Surrender

Christian yoga

The Gentle Flow class is more intensive. Keeping your body toned and your soul tuned to the Lord is exactly what Gentle Flow Classes offer.

Join Lamb & Dove Studio and get introduced to your own Christian yoga lifestyle. Stretch your faith with Lamb & Dove Studio.

Contact Person: Roxana Avalos-Dessner
Phone Number: (914) 260-9137
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